31 hearing impaired children feel the charm of technology and reading

March 3 this year is the 22nd "national ear love day" and the 8th International "ear love day" advocated by the World Health Organization.On the same day, accompanied by parents and teachers, 31 hearing-impaired children from Jiangmen special children rehabilitation education center visited Jianghai science and Technology Museum, library and youth activity center to experience the fun of reading and the charm of science and technology, and had a pleasant, interesting and unforgettable time.

In order to meet these small guests, the staff carefully designed the tour route and explanation scheme.The children are divided into two ways to visit, experience, harvest.

Considering the particularity of hearing-impaired children, the announcer tried to slow down and increase the volume.At the science and Technology Museum, the announcer takes the children to experience the speed of the "national key" high-speed railway in simple and easy to understand language, learn the relevant knowledge of energy conservation and emission reduction through the green-way, and reveal the mystery of nature and show the charm of science and technology with modern high-tech means such as sound, light and electricity.Although the children are young, they can observe the order in the process of experience, and the process of visit is orderly.They experience while playing, feel the interest of science and discover the mystery of science, with excitement and curiosity in their eyes.

In the picture book library, warm and comfortable environment, a variety of books, attracted the attention of children.The staff patiently introduced the collection of books in the library to the children, and introduced the value and significance of early reading to the parents.The children, accompanied by their parents, are free to choose books and read picture books.Teachers select picture books to bring wonderful stories to share with children.

"I am very grateful to all sectors of the society for providing opportunities for our special children to build free outdoor practice platform, so that they can see the changes and development of science and technology."Feng Jingcai, director of the municipal Rehabilitation Education Center for special children, said that after cochlear implantation and hearing aids, hearing-impaired children can hear sound, understand and express language and communicate through systematic rehabilitation training.After entering ordinary schools and society, it is a longer and more difficult process for hearing-impaired children to integrate into the group and society."We hope that through such activities, we can enrich children's knowledge and expand their experience, so that they can get in touch with the society and better integrate with the society in the process of exploration, discovery and beautiful experience."Feng Jingcai said.

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