Media activities for achievements of Building Civilized City

In order to enhance people's awareness and participation in the city construction of a civilized city, create a strong atmosphere for the city construction of a civilized city, and explore the advanced experience and models emerging in the publicity and construction, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and the municipal Civilization Office organized the media gathering activities for the achievements of the construction of a civilized city from February 26 to 27.

In Jianghai District, "two museums and one center", Xiasha Park, Pengjiang district Baisha Street Jiana community, Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum, Pengjiang market, bidaojiangmen north bank, Yude pocket park, Xinhui District haoqiao market and Guifeng Huicheng Nanyuan community, the gathering group visited the city quality improvement, urban fine management, infrastructure improvement and cultural benefit project interview.Inspired by the achievements of the city construction of a civilized city, members of the Group recorded gratifying changes with their pens and cameras.

During the activity, the municipal Civilization Office held a forum to introduce the achievements of our city in building a national civilized city in recent years, and the relevant departments answered the questions raised by the reporters.

The reporter learned that since Jiangmen launched the work of improving the quality of building a national civilized city, it has formed a working situation in which the whole city has paid extensive attention to, participated in and managed together.The appearance of the city has been significantly improved, the markets have taken on a new look, and the phenomenon of "dirty, disorderly " has been effectively rectified; 252000 new parking spaces have been added, traffic law enforcement has been strengthened, and the mixed flow of people and vehicles has been effectively rectified; the project of culture benefiting the people has been steadily promoted; the work of improving the quality of the city has achieved remarkable results, and the urban function, image and living environment have been comprehensively improved.

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