Seven more "Guangdong good people" in Jiangmen

Recently, the list of "Guangdong good people" was announced in the third quarter of 2020, and seven more "Guangdong good people" were added to our city.

Among them, Li Wenhui, deputy leader of the exit entry management brigade of Xinhui branch of Jiangmen Public Security Bureau, and He Yuheng, a resident of renshoufang, Baisha, Pengjiang district, were selected as "Guangdong good people" in the category of helping others.Li Wenhui took the lead in setting up the "Fuyuan education fund". Since 2004, it has subsidized 500 yuan per person per year for poor students. In the past 16 years, it has continuously subsidized more than 100 poor students, raising more than 350000 yuan in grants.He Yuheng, 84, and Chen jiuzai, 77, a lonely, blind man, are neighbors. More than 20 years ago, Chen jiuzai's parents died. He Yuheng has always insisted on taking good care of Chen jiuzai.

Rong Jinhai, a villager of tanbian village, ChaoLian street, Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City, was selected as a "Guangdong good man" in the category of being brave for a just cause.Last year, a car fell out of control from the ChaoLian bridge and started a fire. Rong Jinhai, who was busy with farm work, just passed by. He rushed into the river without hesitation and successfully rescued the driver. His heroic rescue deeds were concerned and reported by the central, provincial and municipal media.

In addition, Wen Jiaqiang, doctor of Kaiping Central Hospital, Peng Jingqin, deputy director of Wuyi Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of Jiangmen City, Chen Shiyou, deputy director of people’s Hospital of Jiangmen City, and Qu Xiangyi, deputy director of Nursing Department of Heshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine were selected as "good people in Guangdong Province".They are all outstanding representatives of the medical front in our city. After the outbreak of the epidemic, they all went out with the team to help Hubei, actively participated in the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, and contributed wisdom and strength to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

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