All primary and secondary school students can contribute

Civilization is the most beautiful and warm business card of a city.In order to give full play to the role of students in creating a national civilized city, create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to civilization, practice civilization, and cultivate civilization, and make "civilized Jiangmen, you and I create together" become the ideological consensus and action consciousness of all citizens, at present, the "civilized Jiangmen" is jointly organized by the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the municipal civilization office, the Municipal Education Bureau, and Jiangmen daily"You and I create" theme essay competition is hot.

The essay competition is open to all primary and secondary school students in the city.Focusing on the theme of "civilized Jiangmen, you and I create together", the competition takes Jiangmen City as the starting point to create a national civilized city, and from the perspective of primary and secondary school students to see and feel the changes brought about by the creation of a national civilized city. It guides primary and secondary school students in our city to act as practitioners, communicators and devotees of "stressing civilization and building a new style" since childhood, and expresses their yearning for a "civilized city".

The requirement of soliciting articles is to unify the theme, mainly narrate and prose, and draw up the title by oneself.The length of the primary school group is less than 600 words, and the middle school group is about 1000 words.The content should be true and positive. On this basis, starting from the reality of Jiangmen City's building a national civilized city, the good results of our city primary and secondary schools paying attention to cultivating and practicing the socialist core values, promoting the construction of spiritual civilization into the campus, sublimating the noble moral sentiment of primary and secondary school students, and cultivating the ideological feelings of loving the party, the country and the people should be displayed from different angles.

The entries must be true and original, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited.It is required that all manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form. The name of the author, school, class, telephone number, e-mail address, correspondence address and zip code should be indicated in the manuscripts.At the same time, three photos should be provided with concise text description. The photo content mainly shows the style and features of our city to create a national civilized city.Participants can submit their works to email:wmjmnwgc@163.comThe subject of the e-mail is named as "solicitation - author + Organization".

After soliciting contributions, the organizer will organize experts to conduct a strict selection of the works, and reward the first prize, second prize, third prize and excellent prize after comprehensive comparison.Meanwhile, the winning works will be voted through the official account of WeChat public, such as Jiangmen display, Jiangmen publicity, Jiangmen civilization, Jiangmen education, and so on, and 10 best people award will be selected from the selected works.

It is reported that the collection of manuscripts will last until the 25th of this month. At present, nearly 200 manuscripts have been collected. We sincerely invite the majority of primary and secondary school students in our city to actively participate and win rich awards.It is also understood that the "civilized Jiangmen, you and I create" keynote speech competition will be held soon.

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