Shorten the distance between overseas Chinese and their hometown

Recently, in order to celebrate the lunar new year, Xingdao daily (US West Edition), San Francisco Xingdao Chinese radio station, Star TV, together with Jiangmen Municipal People's government and San Francisco Jiangyi Wuyi Youth Federation, produced a trans Pacific new year program "Jiangmen in 2021 Bay Area" full of joy and blessings.After the program was broadcast, it became a hot topic for overseas Chinese during the Spring Festival and was well received by the Bay Area Chinese community in San Francisco.Many overseas Chinese are particularly moved to see the short film showing their hometown. The strong feeling of hometown brings them unexpected surprises and shortens the distance between them and their hometown.

It is understood that the contents of the New Year celebration program include new year greetings, new year greetings from overseas Chinese groups, short films and entertainment performances. It introduces the development of the San Francisco Bay area and shows the beautiful natural scenery, profound cultural heritage and brand-new development of Jiangmen overseas Chinese hometown.In the program, people from all walks of life on both sides of the ocean send New Year greetings to each other.In addition, there are a large number of wonderful literary and artistic programs with a strong festival atmosphere.

Liang Jianfeng, President and editor in chief of the US West edition of Sing Tao Daily, said that the program was broadcast through the am1400 channel of San Francisco Sing Tao Chinese radio station, covering 600000 Chinese audiences in the San Francisco Bay area. On the same day, it was broadcast live on the YouTube Star TV channel, with more than 20000 hits. Nearly 10000 people listened to it through the mobile app of the Chinese radio station, the website of the Chinese radio station and the WiFi radio of the Chinese radio station.In addition, the program video is also sent to Tencent video, Jiangmen release and China News Agency for broadcasting.The US West edition of Xingdao Daily reported and publicized the program before it was broadcast.

Chen Yongxing, founding president of the Wuyi Youth Federation in Jiangmen, San Francisco, said: "this program has received strong support from his hometown Jiangmen, as well as the active cooperation of traditional overseas Chinese communities and guilds.The leaders of the association all appreciated the high-level production of the program, which was praised by Jiangmen villagers and overseas Chinese, and achieved good repercussions.Thousands of mountains and rivers cut the blood and kinship between overseas Chinese and their hometown. Many compatriots are unable to return to their hometown for the Spring Festival because of the epidemic situation. They hope to let them feel the warmth of their hometown through the program. "

"With the feelings of the motherland and the atmosphere of the new year, it is unexpected and beautiful." "Kaiping people living in New York wish Chinese and American overseas Chinese good health and a happy life." "Jiangmen Taishan people, now living in Wulun, San Francisco Bay area, are proud of their hometown." "seeing this kind and warm program, I miss my hometown Jiangmen very much, and I am grateful for the blessing of every overseas Chinese from all over the world"On the YouTube Star TV channel, audiences from France, Canada, Hong Kong, San Francisco Bay area, New York and Los Angeles left messages one after another, and many of them left poems to express their feelings.

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