More than 1.87 million tourists were received

2021The Spring Festival holiday is over.Under the "local new year" initiative, the city's cultural and tourism market ushered in a "good start" in the year of the ox.According to preliminary statistics, during the Spring Festival holiday, our city received 1.8752 million tourists, with a tourism income of 1.099 billion yuan. The cultural and tourism market is in good order, without major tourism safety accidents and major tourism complaints.Compared with the previous "long-term tourism" in other places, "micro tourism" and "micro vacation" have become the new hot words of this year's spring festival tourism. Citizens enjoy the fun at home, and the growth of peripheral tourism is obvious.

Historical and cultural tourism has become a new favorite.During the Spring Festival, five historical and cultural trails of Guangdong Province and four cultural heritage trails of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Jiangmen have become the new favorite of self driving tourists.Jiangmen Qiaoxiang world heritage historical trail is popular, among which Kaiping Diaolou cultural tourism area, which has just won the national 5A scenic spot, is the first choice for tourists during the Spring Festival.Fuyue village in Doushan Town, Meijia courtyard in Duanfen town and other ancient post road scenic spots in southern Guangdong, as well as ecological tourism scenic spots (spots) such as Zhenhai Bay Mangrove Wetland Park, DALONGDONG Wetland Park, xunhuang village and Sijiu aloe manor also attract many self driving tourists from inside and outside the province to visit every day.

Lingnan coastal hot spring is popular.During the Spring Festival, the coastal scenic spots of our city hold spring festival activities with strong flavor, attracting tourists from inside and outside the province to celebrate the "coastal year".The naqin Peninsula geo Ocean Park distributed a "red envelope" worth 1 million yuan. Since the second day of the new year, the Lion King competition, dragon and lion performance, sea fireworks and other performances have been held. The festival atmosphere is strong.Yihe hot spring, aloe vera manor, xiyunlai hot spring and other scenic spots have given 1500 tickets to migrant workers for the "local Spring Festival".The "Hanfu Hot Spring Festival" was held in Gudou hot spring town, Xinhui. The "love to swim snow" indoor simulation ski resort in Quanlin gold town, Enping has brought extraordinary fun to ice and snow lovers, and is very popular among tourists in the Pearl River Delta.

Wanghong punch points are popular.In addition to the East Lake Park, Baishuidai Park, Guifeng mountain scenic area and other traditional scenic spots, in recent years, the new online punch in spots such as qimingli, Caihong village, Caoping Li, zuzhai village, Jiangmen children’s Park and Chaotou Central Park have also become the favorite places for tourists, and the parking spaces in many scenic spots are "hard to find".Many migrant workers who "stay in Jiangmen for the Spring Festival" are full of praise for these scenic spots, and the old Jiangmen people also said that the city is changing with each passing day and becoming more and more colorful.

Taste the "cultural feast" online and offline.During the Spring Festival, the city public service facilities are open to the public and tourists free of charge, and the public are invited to taste the free cultural feast "at home".Jiangmen Art Museum welcomes the new year with 100 excellent works, and for the first time displays 100 works selected by local authors in provincial and national exhibitions in 2020.In order to promote Wuyi overseas Chinese culture, Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum in Jiangmen displays unique new year silver letters, attracting many people to visit.In addition, some venues also hold online cultural activities, so that citizens can enjoy the cultural feast at home.For example, Kaiping City Museum has built "Kaiping historical and cultural exhibition" and "sincere and selfless dedication - Exhibition of cultural relics (articles) donated by Mr. Lin Dengfeng" into virtual exhibition hall. Citizens can "travel by the internet" the museum without leaving home.

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