In February, our city launched 126 training jobs

The reporter recently learned from the municipal human resources and social security bureau that in February, all kinds of vocational training institutions in the city launched a total of 126 training jobs, including industrial, domestic, cooking, computer, automobile maintenance, beauty and so on.

It is reported that the 126 training jobs launched in this batch are mainly composed of Jiangmen technician college, Jiangmen Zhongjia vocational training school, Jiangmen modern vocational training school, Jiangmen high tech vocational training school, Jiangmen Yunke Jujiang vocational training school, Jianghai Wanzhong vocational training school, Guangdong Qiaoxiang cooking vocational training school, Taishan technical school and Heshan Shuren vocational training schoolThe training school of medical technology, Heshan Youchuang vocational training school, etc.All the training courses will start this month, and most of them will be arranged on weekends or weekdays.

Among them, Jiangmen high tech vocational training school launched a variety of courses, including tea art teacher, western style pastry teacher, beautician, enterprise human resource manager, graphics and image processing, office software application, interior decoration design, make-up teacher and other types of work; Guangdong Qiaoxiang cooking vocational training school launched breakfast project steamed bread rolls, stone ground vermicelli, snack project fragrant stewed vegetables, ChongqingSmall noodles, charcoal barbecue, simple meal project, stew and fish (30 kinds of meat and vegetables) and other training work.

Those interested in training above mentioned jobs may pay attention to the official account of WeChat public number of Wuyi people's association or the official website of the Municipal Bureau of social and human resources.

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