New York overseas Chinese tie up Spring Festival couplets

Although the coronavirus has not been dispelled, the overseas Chinese in Enping, the United States, are still enjoying the Spring Festival. In New York, where there are overseas Chinese, there is a strong sense of new year and a strong sense of hometown.           

It is an important traditional custom for overseas Chinese to hang lanterns and tie Spring Festival couplets. In Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City, colorful lanterns and lights make Chinatown look beautiful. On the 29th of the lunar new year, Wu Guoxiong, a native of Enping in the United States, hangs lanterns and pastes Spring Festival couplets with his wife and granddaughter in the cold outside his residence in the Bronx District of New York. The room was decorated with lanterns, paintings, flowers and other festive items, showing a strong Chinese style.            "Chinese people are sure to celebrate the Spring Festival. Although they are far away from home, this is our festival. We should continue the custom of celebrating the Spring Festival and let future generations know and inherit the spring festival culture." Wu Guoxiong said. Wu Guoxiong and his two sons live in the same house. In order to keep their children and grandchildren from forgetting the Chinese cultural tradition, Wu Guoxiong also instructed his grandchildren to learn Chinese painting and write couplets in Chinese, while his wife taught them to make zongzi.            Liang Yifeng and his wife, a native of Enping in Brooklyn, New York City, always decorate the house inside and outside during the new year's festival. They invite their relatives and friends to get together at home, play table tennis, sing and dance, which is very festive and lively.           

Although affected by the epidemic, it is not allowed to hold a party of more than 10 people in the local area, Liang Yifeng is still the same as in previous years. Red lanterns are hung high in front of and behind the house to create a festive atmosphere for welcoming the Spring Festival and waiting for his family to return home happily. One day before New Year's Eve, Liang Yifeng's son and daughter, who worked in Florida, drove back to New York for more than 10 hours to have new year's Eve dinner and celebrate the Spring Festival.           

New year's greeting and blessing is an indispensable part of the Chinese New Year. For the sake of epidemic prevention, this year's new year's greeting is replaced by the online video "cloud new year's greeting". Overseas Chinese groups such as the Enping fellow townspeople's Association of New York, the Enping chamber of Commerce of New York, the cen clan Friendship Association of America, and the Alumni Association of Enping No.1 Middle School of New York recorded videos and paid new year's greetings to local people at home and abroad through multiple media.

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