Visit our city to express sympathy for moral models and good people around us

In order to show their love for moral models and good people around them, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and the municipal Civilization Office recently went to three districts and four cities in groups to carry out the activities of visiting moral models and good people around them in the Spring Festival of 2021, send greetings and blessings for the new year, express the concern of the party and the government for them, encourage them to continue to tell good stories and convey moral strength. Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and director of the publicity department, attended the activity.           

Chen Ji and his team came to Rong Jinhai's home in ChaoLian street of Pengjiang district to learn more about his work and life. Last year, a car fell out of control from the ChaoLian bridge and started a fire. Rong Jinhai, who was busy with farm work, just passed by. He rushed into the river without hesitation and successfully rescued the driver. His heroic rescue deeds were concerned and reported by the central, provincial, municipal and other media at all levels.           

Chen Ji said that the heroic deeds of good people to save people are moving and worthy of admiration and praise from the whole society. In case of difficulties in life, relevant functional departments will try their best to help solve them. Rong Jinhai said that he will continue to carry forward the spirit of good people and contribute to society.           

In this activity, 12 moral models, good people around them and their families were visited, including Dong shumeng, a good doctor rooted in leprosy village and Liang Huiyi, a good person from Guangdong, who assisted Tibet in education. We all expressed our gratitude to the party and the government for their concern and love. We must cherish our honor, make persistent efforts and set a good example. The Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee said that we should solve the difficulties and problems encountered by moral models and good people around us in life and work in a timely manner by means of policy guarantee and voluntary service, and implement the care and assistance measures in place.

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