One person and three units in our city was commended by the China Federation of overseas Chinese

Outstanding coronavirus units and one person have been recognized by the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese recently. The 3 outstanding units and 1 individual in the city have been recognized as the outstanding collectives and advanced individuals in the field of fighting against the coronavirus , helping to tackle poverty and building a "overseas Chinese family".           

The novel coronavirus was awarded the novel coronavirus pneumonia system's advanced group, and the party secretary and chairman Tang Mei He of the new Hui Region was awarded the title of "advanced individual of the National Federation of overseas Chinese system fighting against the new crown pneumonia". Lee Kun Kee (Xinhui) Co., Ltd. was awarded the "National Federation of overseas Chinese system" to help the poor to tackle the difficult problem. "Kaiping City Shuikou Town, Sha Gang and overseas Chinese Federation." the home of overseas Chinese" was rated as the excellent "home of overseas Chinese" in the National Federation of overseas Chinese.           

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Federation of overseas Chinese has fully utilized the unique role of the overseas Chinese Federation Organization, launched a batch of medical supplies such as disposable medical masks, N95 masks and protective clothing by overseas Chinese groups and overseas compatriots, with a total value of 8.2314 million yuan; launched a donation of 12.0443 million yuan, and received donations from the first place in the province's Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.            

At the same time, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese actively carried out the "enterprise warming action", investigated 628 overseas Chinese funded enterprises and returned overseas Chinese enterprises, guided them to return to work and production, coordinated to solve the problems and difficulties of enterprises, and supported a batch of disposable medical masks for more than 100 overseas Chinese funded enterprises. At a time of severe global epidemic situation, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese donated disposable protective masks, worth 2.6754 million yuan, to 127 associations in 26 overseas countries and regions. Through holding an exchange forum for representatives of overseas students, "let's read Jiangmen together", the escort program "love Jiangmen, know China, see the world" and the practical activities of studying abroad and serving the country, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese cared for overseas students, and achieved success last year We have helped 56 Chilean children of overseas Chinese left in Heshan to attend local public schools.

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