Expand 300-500 isolation rooms

On February 2, our city held the 10th news conference on epidemic prevention and control, informed of the relevant measures for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, and answered reporters' questions on relevant issues. Vice Mayor Lai Yanfen attended the press conference.           

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 28 cases (5 cases imported from abroad) and 7 cases of asymptomatic infection abroad as at 24 hours in February 1st. At present, 3 cases of confirmed cases and 3 cases of asymptomatic infection are still treated in designated hospitals. All of them are medical observation personnel transferred from port cities to our city recently.           

Lai Yanfen said that after the outbreak of imported epidemic, the city quickly implemented emergency response measures to effectively control the epidemic and eliminate the risk of local transmission. At present, there is one isolation point for close contacts at the municipal level, which can accommodate 68 people. There are 27 isolation points for key groups, which can accommodate about 2000 people. It is planned to expand another 300-500 isolation rooms in the near future, and to set up one isolation point for close contacts in each City (District). Meanwhile, there are novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment hospitals in 9 cities, 311 beds for infectious diseases, and 8800 beds for infectious diseases after emergency start. Six shelter hospitals have been selected to provide 2400 beds after emergency operation. In order to meet the nucleic acid testing needs of the public when they travel (return home), there are 27 medical and disease control institutions qualified to carry out nucleic acid testing in the city, including 72 sampling points. All of them have announced the appointment method. The public can go to any medical and disease control institution or third-party testing institution with nucleic acid testing qualification in the city two days before their travel, and can carry out nucleic acid testing in Guangdong testing service platform inquiry, appointment and other services.

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