Promote the application of "cold storage link" in our city

Since winter, nucleic acid test of imported cold chain food packaging has been positive in many places in China. The reporter learned from the municipal market supervision bureau that the Bureau vigorously promoted the application of the "cold storage" supervision system, strengthened the trace supervision of frozen and refrigerated food, and helped the epidemic prevention and control to achieve phased results. In recent days, on the basis of achieving 100% coverage of 265 imported cold chain food business entities, our city has expanded the coverage to the main body of frozen and refrigerated food and the third-party cold storage. At present, the city's 1251 food business entities and third-party cold storage are all included in the "cold storage" supervision system, achieving 100% coverage.           

"Cold storage link" is a safety supervision platform for frozen and refrigerated food, which contains the main information of cold storage in the whole city and the information of import and export products. The establishment of "cold storage pass" trace system can greatly improve the electronic trace of imported frozen meat products and aquatic products, and enhance the full coverage of frozen food safety supervision in our city and the accuracy level of epidemic prevention and control in key places.           

In order to further do a good job in the prevention and control of imported cold chain food epidemic situation, the municipal market supervision bureau has found out the number of frozen and refrigerated food business entities in the city one by one, established the business entity registration account, listed the business address, types of imported frozen products, contact information, etc. by comparing with the market entity database and on-site verification Key information.           

At the same time, combined with the "one supervision to the end" live network law enforcement activities and media publicity, posters, distribution of operating guidelines, vigorously promote the use of "cold storage" and trace; promote and post 1906 trace of imported cold chain food in the city's frozen food wholesale, supermarkets and farmers' markets, guide consumers to scan the "code" trace and "code" purchase, and promote operators to take the initiative Use "cold storage pass".

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