More than 760 projects have been promoted

On January 22, our city held a news conference on the results of the urban quality improvement action, which promoted and displayed the achievements of Jiangmen urban quality improvement action in the past three years to more than 20 domestic mainstream media, creating a good public opinion atmosphere for Jiangmen urban quality improvement during the "14th five year plan" period. Xu Xiaoxiong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, served as the main publisher of the conference.           

In the past three years, Jiangmen City quality improvement action has achieved remarkable results through the implementation of eight major actions, including new area construction, urban renewal, transportation level, municipal infrastructure, people's livelihood facilities, urban landscape, ecological environment and urban management. More than 760 projects were promoted. Among them, 19 main roads have been reconstructed and expanded, 27 roads have been "white to black"; 29 old residential areas have been reconstructed, with a total of more than 10000 new public parking spaces; more than 30 important educational facilities have been built, 12 urban black and odorous water bodies have been completely eliminated, 4 high-quality waterfront landscape belts have been built, and 12 large-scale parks and more than 150 small and medium-sized parks have been completed with high quality As well as the construction and upgrading of 49 "pocket parks", the quality of the city has been improved by leaps and bounds.           

Looking forward to the "fourteenth five year plan", Jiangmen City will strengthen the concept of systematic planning, design and construction, highlight the four elements of "mountain, water, culture and city", implement the six major plans of "happy and livable, smooth traffic, strong base city, landscape city, charming overseas Chinese City and fine governance", and build Jiangmen into a high-quality and beautiful overseas Chinese hometown suitable for living, business and tourism.

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