Enjoy the charm of quality hometown of overseas Chinese

On January 21, more than 20 domestic mainstream media, including Xinhua news agency, people's daily, China Radio International, farmers' daily and Nanfang finance and economics, gathered in Jiangmen to participate in a two-day theme gathering activity of urban quality improvement.           

On the same day, the media gathering group went to many gathering points in Pengjiang district and Xinhui District to visit the achievements of Jiangmen in creating a civilized city and improving the quality of the city. While appreciating the charm of the quality hometown of overseas Chinese, it recorded every wonderful moment with lens and pen and ink, helping to enhance the popularity and influence of Jiangmen City.           

The group visited Beiyuan Park in Xinhui District, Mashan Park and Chaotou Park in Jiangmen talent island. When night falls, they also visited Yuanshan Lake Park in Binjiang New Area to enjoy the music fountain and feel the charm of "night park" with bright lights and beautiful scenery.            

The transformation of old residential area is another highlight of Jiangmen City quality improvement. During the trip, the group visited Beimen community of Xinhui District, qimingli community of Pengjiang district and Yude community to learn the story behind the transformation of old residential areas. "The renovation of the old residential area in Jiangmen not only beautifies the old urban area, but also solves many inconveniences of residents' life, which is particularly good." Fenghuang net editor Feng Jiawei said.          

It is reported that our city started the action to improve the city quality in 2018. At present, the city quality has been improved by leaps and bounds, showing a new urban appearance of "smooth roads, clean streets, bright lights, clear water and beautiful scenery".

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