China Overseas Chinese postdoctoral salon day held

Recently, under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of talent work, the 9th "China Overseas Chinese postdoctoral salon day" was held in the National Postdoctoral innovation (Jiangmen) demonstration center. More than 20 senior executives and experts from new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new generation information technology industry, Wuyi University and other enterprises and institutions attended the meeting.           

This activity aims to explain the epidemic prevention and control measures to high-level talents in our city, help them correctly understand the epidemic development trend, master the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, improve their self-protection awareness and ability, highlight the talent leading demonstration effect, and enhance the innovation and development strength of Jiangmen under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control.           

Min Wenfeng, deputy chief physician of Pengjiang branch of Central Hospital, was a special guest of the lecture. He introduced the transmission route and epidemic prevention methods of NCV in vivid language, and introduced the vaccination work, including the reaction and treatment after vaccination.           

It is understood that the "salon day for postdoctors in overseas Chinese capital of China" is a boutique brand of the series of postdoctoral services in overseas Chinese capital of China. It aims to build an open, shared and innovative platform for normalized learning, exchange and cooperation, so that high-level talents such as postdoctors can gather, collide with inspiration and reach new cooperation.

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