The departure vehicles from Jiangmen station increase

Starting from January 29, there will be departure vehicles from Jiangmen station to Yueyang, Liuzhou and other places. It will be more and more convenient for citizens to buy tickets.           

The reporter learned that the railway passenger transport department should first consider the stable passenger flow of the city when preparing the train operation plan, and the stable passenger flow is often in direct proportion to the degree of local economic development and activity. Train tickets are allocated by station. The closer to the departure station, the more tickets are allocated. This also means that the more starting trains a city has, the more convenient it is for people to travel and buy tickets.  The reporter learned from the 12306 official website that at present, the number of trains departing from Jiangmen station to Guangzhou south station in our city are c7234 departing from Jiangmen station at 06:30 and c7208 departing from Jiangmen station at 06:53. Starting from January 29, departure vehicles will be increased at Jiangmen station. The reporter inquired that since January 29, Jiangmen station has increased the number of final vehicles to Yueyang East and Liuzhou. For example, G6132 Jiangmen-- Yueyang East departing at 06:00, passing Guangzhou south, Zhuzhou and Changsha in 4 hours and 25 minutes; D3754 Jiangmen Liuzhou departing at 08:45, passing Guangzhou south, Foshan West, Wuzhou and Guigang in 4 hours and 27 minutes.           

It is worth mentioning that Jiangmen station still has many trains that take it as the terminal. For example, D3736, which starts from Beihai at 16:59 on January 28, takes 6 hours from Beihai to Jiangmen; D3639, which starts from Nanning east at 17:48, takes 4 hours and 32 minutes from Nanning east to Jiangmen. These trains will greatly facilitate the travel of Jiangmen citizens and foreign tourists to Jiangmen, and further highlight the status of Jiangmen as a comprehensive transportation hub in Zhuxi.           

It is understood that in addition to the existing departure trains, the railway will continue to increase the number of departure trains at Jiangmen station during the Spring Festival, such as the departure trains from Jiangmen to Nanning and the arrival trains from Kunming to Jiangmen. According to the introduction of the Municipal Bureau of development and reform, in order to enhance the departure function of Jiangmen station, the departure trains from Jiangmen station to Chengdu, Kunming, Zhengzhou and other directions will be added to provide greater convenience for citizens.

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