Steady growth in subscriptions

In 2021, the subscription task of key party newspapers and journals in our city was successfully completed. The circulation of key party newspapers and journals such as people's daily and Qiushi magazine increased steadily, and the enthusiasm of cadres and masses for "reading party newspapers and learning theory" was high.          

As of January 4, statistics show that the number of subscriptions to the people's daily, Qiushi magazine, Guangming Daily, economic daily, Nanfang Daily, Nanfang magazine, Jiangmen daily and other key party newspapers and journals this year has surpassed that of last year. Among them, people's Daily's subscription exceeded 2020, Qiushi magazine's subscription exceeded 680, and Nanfang Daily, Nanfang magazine and Jiangmen Daily's subscription reached record highs over the years, increased by 2917, 4913 and 2828 respectively compared with last year.           

Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, pointed out at the party newspaper and magazine distribution meeting that in the complex public opinion field, the party newspaper and magazine played a key role . We should consolidate the role of in Wuyi. Party organizations all over the country responded one after another, conscientiously fulfilled the requirements of "party members should read party newspapers" and "party members should do a good job in theoretical study", consciously combined "subscription" and "learning", and strengthened the implementation of subscription. It is worth mentioning that the subscription volume of provincial and municipal Party newspapers and journals of Wuyi University has increased significantly compared with last year; the subscription volume of Party newspapers and journals of Wuyi University has remained stable by subscribing to large public security system and health system, raising funds from all sides and paying close attention to implementation; Heshan City has taken the lead in all cities (districts), completed the subscription task ahead of schedule, and seven key party newspapers and journals have achieved "full popularity".           

The Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, together with the Municipal Education Bureau, launched the activity of "party newspapers entering the campus" and delivered the people's daily and other key party newspapers and party journals to every primary and secondary school in the city. It immediately conveyed the party's innovative theories, principles and policies, current affairs and politics to the campus, and fully guided schools to make good use of Party newspapers and party journals, teach ideological and political courses, and strive to improve the level of school moral education.

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