The total number of high skilled talents in our city is 140000

Recently, the 2020 vocational skills competition in Jiangmen City closed, with 449 people promoted to high skilled talents. At present, there are 140000 highly skilled talents in our city.           

This year, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, together with the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other departments, has built a stage for displaying and competing skills around the three projects of "Guangdong cuisine master", "Guangdong technician" and " Guangdong housekeeping". A total of 37 vocational skills competitions have been held, with nearly 2000 participants and 475 highly skilled talents promoted. Among them, the 2020 Jiangmen vocational skills competition sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security and the Municipal Federation of trade unions attracted 1699 front-line young workers and vocational college students to participate in the competition, 108 winners of the municipal first-class competition, and 449 were promoted to high skilled talents.          

It is understood that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the skilled talents team in our city has been growing, the road of skilled talents has been widening, and the social atmosphere of respecting labor, knowledge, talents and creation has become increasingly strong. Since 2016, the city has newly increased 40000 skilled talents, with a total of 140000 highly skilled talents; three technical colleges provide more than 10000 skilled talents for the society every year, Xinhui technician college has become the first county-level Technician College in the province; five provincial "Guangdong cuisine master" training bases and five provincial "Guangdong cuisine master" skill master studios have been built, and 13000 "Guangdong cuisine master" training has been carried out The first business of Guangdong catering master's business was opened in 2020, and 40 shops were opened in 2020, which directly drove nearly 300 people to work. The monthly output value increased by 5 million yuan. The textbook  "Wuyi flavor vegetable production technology" were published . The training course service system of the craftsman lecture hall was established, and the first " Guangdong housekeeping" industrial park was built, and the Internet plus domestic supply and demand was built. Supermarket, build a digital service platform of "Nanyue housekeeping".

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