Feel the achievements of transportation in the 13th five year plan

From December 24 to 25, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Transportation Bureau held a gathering activity of Jiangmen's "13th five year plan" transportation achievements media group. Xinhua, people's Daily overseas, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Nanfang finance and other media reporters went to the front line of Jiangmen's traffic construction for on-site interviews to feel the surging power of Jiangmen's "13th five year plan" traffic.          

On the first day and the first stop, the media group came to the Huangmaohai cross sea channel, which just started construction. Along the offshore construction trestle Road, the media group came to the construction site of T5 contract section of the project, recorded the hot construction scene, and carried out interviews around the engineering characteristics, technical difficulties, construction significance and other aspects.           

Then, the media group came to the Chikan service area of Zhongkai Expressway under construction. The site has entered the final defect repair and environmental cleaning. It is understood that the section from Shuangshui interchange to Fengshan interchange of Zhongkai expressway will be officially opened to traffic on March 31, and the whole line is in the final stage of rush opening to traffic. Kaichun expressway, the "neighbor" of Zhongkai expressway, will be officially opened to traffic on the same day. In the Datian management center of Kaichun expressway, the operation team is carrying out the final equipment debugging to ensure the smooth operation of the expressway.           

Finally, the media group came to the reconstruction project site of niupizi- liangxinawan section of county road x831 of "model rural road" demonstration road in Enping City. The total length of the project is 12.3 km, with three post stations integrating hot spring tourism, local products sales of rural residential accommodation, charging piles and other functions, as well as a bus shelter, four seasons scenery forest and rest park green space.           

Today, the media delegation will also go to the reconstruction and expansion project of Kaiyang expressway, Tangkou section of "model rural road" in Kaiping City, and Hetang Xijiang bridge to further explore the achievements and experience of Jiangmen transportation development during the 13th Five Year Plan period.

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