Spreading overseas Chinese culture with paintbrush

On December 20, the finals of the fourth children's painting competition of "Yidao Youxue · Guyi Road, south Guangdong, China" in 2020 was held in Kaiping. Teenagers from all over the province gathered in granary square of Tangkou town to create and spread the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese with paintbrushes. Chen Hang, first level inspector of the Provincial Department of culture and tourism, Mu Lin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, and Lai Yanfen, deputy mayor , attended the event.           

At the scene, the teenagers used lines and colors to describe their feelings and experiences of Kaiping. Some depicted the beautiful rural scenery of the hometown of overseas Chinese, while others depicted the watchtowers of Kaiping. Pictures were full of childlike stories . It is reported that 598 children, primary school students and middle school students participated in the competition. The competition is divided into four groups, including children group, primary school low group, primary school high group and junior high group. The results of the competition will be announced one week after the end of the competition.           

It is understood that the ancient post road in southern Guangdong is a channel for foreign economic exchanges and cultural exchanges in Lingnan region in history, an important epitome of Guangdong's historical development and a continuation of its cultural context. Kaiping City puts forward the whole region tourism driven Rural Revitalization mode, through the integration of historical and cultural resources along the ancient post road, vigorously develop rural tourism, and combine rural tourism with traditional culture protection, promote the improvement of rural living environment and economic development along the ancient post road.            It is understood that the competition will further polish the tourism brand of Kaiping Diaolou, create a city brand of delicious food and self driving tourism destination, enhance the popularity and reputation of Kaiping and even Jiangmen, and further boost rural revitalization and global tourism development.

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