149000 passengers in total

"Jiangmen station not only has a lot of trains, but also has a very beautiful construction and complete supporting facilities. I very often come here by train now." Huang Qiuhua, from Pengjiang district, said. Yesterday (December 15), the Zhuxi comprehensive transportation hub Jiangmen station opened for a month. The reporter learned from the railway department that in the past month, the passenger flow of Jiangmen station has been increasing, with 149000 passengers arriving and departing. The role of the hub is gradually emerging, and the travel of citizens is becoming more and more convenient.

On November 16, Jiangmen station officially opened. Jiangmen station is located in Huicheng street, Xinhui District. It integrates railway, highway, public transport, taxi, social vehicles and other transportation modes into one, covering an area of about 330000 square meters. The scale of the station is 8 platforms and 20 lines, and the station building area is about 40000 square meters.

Since the opening of Jiangmen station for a month, the passenger flow has been increasing. The reporter saw at Jiangmen station that many stores  have opened, bus stations, taxis and other supporting facilities have been running smoothly. People are coming and going on the passenger platform, and many citizens have come to "punch in" to take photos. After the opening of Jiangmen station, people's travel has become more convenient. They can take the train to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha and other places from their homes. Starting from Jiangmen station, you can arrive at Guangzhou South Railway Station in 30 minutes, Shenzhen North Station in 92 minutes and Changsha South Station in 213 minutes.

According to the railway department, the average daily number of arrivals and departures at Jiangmen station was about 3500 at the initial stage of opening. Since December, the daily average number of people has exceeded 5500, and there is a trend of continuous growth. Among them, arrivals and departures reached the peak of 7624 on December 5. At present, the passenger flow at 9:00 and 18:00 every day is the largest, and the proportion of passengers going to and from Guangzhou south railway station is the highest.

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