Media delegation to visit our Jiangmen

From December 11 to December 12, a delegation of 15 Macao Portuguese and English media leaders visited Kaiping Diaolou and village, Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum, Xinhui Chenpi village and Guangdong Macao (Jiangmen) Industrial Cooperation Demonstration Area, feeling the unique charm of overseas Chinese hometown and deepening the exchanges between Jiangmen and Macao.

It is understood that the Portuguese and English media in Macao during the visit include Macao Tribune daily, Macao today daily, full stop newspaper, Portuguese news agency Macao Branch, Macao business magazine and other local mainstream media, led by the publicity and Culture Department of the joint office of the Chinese Communist Party of Macao.

During the two-day visit and exchange, Kaiping Diaolou cultural tourist area is a famous scenic spot integrating overseas Chinese culture, garden art, Chinese and Western architecture, cultural relics and historic sites, original natural environment, local customs and popular science education, etc.; Wuyi overseas Chinese museum with more than 40000 pieces of overseas Chinese cultural relics; China's first large-scale commercial and cultural complex of agricultural products Xinhui Chenpi village is one of the five ten thousand mu parks built by our city, which covers a number of cooperation projects between Jiangmen and Macao These places full of Jiangmen characteristics have deeply attracted the attention of Macao media.

"Whether it's hardware or software, the development here is impressive." Ding Naishi, President of Macao Tribune daily, who has lived in Macao for 38 years and has come to Jiangmen for the second time, has deep feelings for the rapid development of the mainland.

For Ma Tianlong, President of Macao business magazine, who came to Jiangmen for the first time, this visit is a very meaningful journey. "Jiang and Macao are adjacent to each other. We should have more understanding and exchanges, which is of great significance to deepening the cooperation between Guangdong and Macao." Ma Tianlong said.

In recent years, with the opening of the Hong Kong -Zhuhai- Macao Bridge and the construction of the bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, our city has promoted in-depth cooperation with Macao in economic, social and cultural fields in an all-round way, and the ties between the two places have become increasingly strengthened. "This is a rare opportunity for more media people in Macao to know and understand Jiangmen, and it is also conducive to laying a good foundation for closer ties between the two places in the future." Lin Peizhen, director of the research and Promotion Department of the information bureau of the Macao SAR government, said.

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