Signing friendly city memorandum

On December 9, Jiangmen and Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, held a video signing meeting on the memorandum of understanding on the establishment of friendly city relations. Li Ming, Chinese ambassador to Solomon Islands, Ma Mai, mayor of Honiara City, were present at the meeting hall of the Chinese Embassy in Solomon Islands. Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and Li Weimin, the municipal leader, respectively attended the meeting in Jiangmen.

In September 2019, China and Solomon Islands will establish diplomatic relations. The signing of the memorandum of friendship cities between Jiangmen City and Honiara city on December 9 will be the first pair of friendly city relations established between China and Solomon Islands and the first cooperation document signed between cities of the two countries, which is of great historical and pioneering significance. The video signing meeting marks a new starting point for the relationship between Jiangmen and Honiara. Next, the two sides will deepen understanding and strengthen cooperation, so as to push the relationship between the two cities to a higher level.

Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, is vibrant. There are about 6000 overseas Chinese in Solomon Islands, of which more than 2000 are from Jiangmen, most of whom are from Kaiping, Jiangmen. They are mainly engaged in catering, supermarket, warehousing, logistics and other industries. Over the years, Chinese communities have been rooted in Honiara and made important contributions to the local economic development.

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