Feel the unique charm of overseas Chinese hometown

On December 6, sponsored by the Provincial Association for promoting cross-strait exchanges and the Provincial Department of culture and tourism, and organized by Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, and Shaoguan Bureau of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, the 7th Guangdong world heritage exploration tour of young people from both sides of the Taiwan Straits came to Jiangmen, where 100 young people from both sides of the Straits gathered in the hometown of overseas Chinese to hold exchange activities.

It is understood that with the theme of "coming together, dreams will be more wonderful", this trip has elaborately designed the exploration of Guangdong world heritage, the investigation of Guangdong beautiful  villages, the study of Zen culture, the learning experience of national defense, the investigation of science and technology in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, the experience of Hakka culture and ecological agriculture, the cultural exploration of Maritime Silk Road, the exploration of Sun Yat Sen's history and culture, and the journey of seeking roots on Chaoshan culture: 9 high-quality lines . Among them, the world heritage exploration tour explores Lingnan culture, inherits and promotes Chinese culture through visiting, exchanging and expanding experience, so that the youth on both sides of the Taiwan Strait can enjoy the world heritage features of Guangdong, further enhance the recognition of the youth on both sides of the Straits to the Chinese nation and Chinese culture, and promote the kinship of compatriots.

On the same day, 100 young people from both sides of the Straits went to Xinhui District to explore Liang Qichao's former residence and Chenpi village. According to reports, the delegation will also visit Kaiping Diaolou and village, Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum, etc., to fully understand the city's historical and cultural features, and deeply experience the unique charm of Wuyi overseas Chinese hometown.

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