Launch ceremony held in Taishan

On December 3, the opening ceremony of the red educational documentary "red inheritors" was held in Taishan City under the guidance of the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee and produced by the Organization Department of Taishan municipal Party committee.

As a work dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the red inheritor intends to focus on Li Shengli, the successor of the revolutionary couple Li Yunyang and Wu Naiyin, to tell the revolutionary story of Li Yunyang and his revolutionary ancestors who have firmly adhered to their ideals and beliefs and their pursuit of faith, as well as Li Shengli's experience of inheriting revolutionary spirit and promoting the red culture of overseas Chinese hometown after retirement. Li Yunyang and Wu Naiyin are a revolutionary couple who went out from Jiangmen and Taishan. Li Shengli was a senior engineer in the Biomedical Engineering Department of Jinan University before he retired. After retirement, he was engaged in the propaganda and data collection of the party history related to his parents Li Yunyang and Wu Naiyin's revolutionary career and the revolutionary ancestors such as the martyr Lin Jilu. In recent years, he has made more than 80 reports in Colleges and universities all over the country to pass on the spiritual beliefs of the revolutionary ancestors to the younger generation.

Leng Yefu, executive chairman of the international micro film festival for university students, senior editor of CCTV and famous documentary director, said that Li Shengli was chosen as the main shooting object because he inherited the red gene consciously, voluntarily and at his own expense, which moved the creative team.

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