Products from Jiangmen at the Agricultural Fair

Recently, the 18th China International Agricultural Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "agricultural fair") opened in Chongqing International Expo Center. Our city carefully organized 14 agricultural enterprises with hundreds of "overseas Chinese brand" agricultural products. Vice Mayor Wang Changqing led the delegation to the exhibition.

It is understood that the Jiangmen Pavilion covers an area of 162 square meters, with Wuyi characteristics as the design concept and Kaiping watchtower and village as the main style of the world cultural heritage. It has both classical flavor and modern vitality. There are many kinds of products displayed in the exhibition hall, such as orange peel tea, roast eel, Simiao rice, egg products, guava tea, etc. at the same time, each kind of products are pasted with the certificate of edible agricultural products.

During the exhibition, Wang Changqing had in-depth exchanges with enterprise representatives and praised the agricultural products of Qiaoxiang. He told enterprises to always adhere to the production concept of quality first, take the initiative to connect with the market, and constantly improve the management level. Agricultural enterprises should actively undertake social responsibility, constantly provide employment opportunities for the masses, and jointly stride into a well-off society.

Next, Jiangmen Pavilion will also set up a variety of wonderful exchange activities, such as agricultural products promotion meeting and enterprise live delivery, to introduce the "overseas Chinese brand" agricultural products brand into thousands of families and spread to thousands of households.

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