The first Macao products high quality life exhibition

On November 26, the first news conference of Macao products high quality life exhibition was held in our city. It is said that the exhibition will be held in exhibition hall 2 of the Pearl West International Exhibition Center in Guangdong Province from December 4 to 6, with the number of exhibition spaces close to 230, including 190 in Macao and more than 30 in other cities in Dawan district. Macao products high quality life exhibition will provide a bridge for the development of foreign-funded enterprises in the mainland, and help the enterprises of Jiang and Macao to join hands.

Macao and Jiangmen are close in geographical and close relationship. The two governments have been committed to expanding the cooperation, continuously supporting economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, jointly conducting foreign investment promotion, and encouraging enterprises from both regions to participate in the conference and exhibition. Jiangmen, as a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, has many positive policies and assistance plans in dealing with foreign-funded enterprises. The Macao SAR government is also committed to promoting Macao's cultural and creative products, Portuguese crafts, Macao hand-made food and tourism industries to enter other cities in Dawan district.

In order to seize the opportunity of "bay area driven effect", the chamber of Commerce of Jiangmen and the association of foreign investment enterprises of Jiangmen jointly established the brand of "Macao products high quality life exhibition". According to the introduction, the exhibition has been strongly supported by Macao and Jiangmen related units. The exhibition site is divided into eight exhibition areas, including commercial service area, education service area, food area, beverage area, cultural and creative area, commodity area, interior design chamber of commerce area, and Jiangmen district established by invited Jiangmen units.

The reporter learned that in order to make the first Macao products  high quality life exhibition effectively help Macao enterprises and exhibitors understand the actual situation of Jiangmen market, and inspire Macao entrepreneurs to think about the advantages and resources brought by Jiangmen industry, promote Macao enterprises to enter Jiangmen development, and set up business matching links at the exhibition, hoping to make the start-ups and Macao start-ups and Macao enterprises through appropriate communication and matching Small and medium-sized enterprises in our company should improve their operating capacity and expand their contacts. In addition, the exhibition will organize a series of visiting groups to let Macao all walks of life know the Jiangmen and enhance the confidence of cooperation between the two sides.

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