Four people in our city were awarded

On November 24, the national commendation meeting for model workers and advanced workers was held in Beijing. It is reported that the national model workers and advanced workers are elected and commended once every five years, which is the highest honor of Chinese workers. Since the founding of new China, there are 77 national level model workers (advanced workers) in our city. This year, novel coronavirus pneumonia was awarded to the 4 most famous people in the city. Zuo Wanli,, the most beautiful pedestrian in the new crown pneumonia epidemic, was selected as an advanced worker in the country. Li Haiquan, the expert in magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor, Feng Xinyuan, the leader of the printing industry and Liang Qingning, the expert of transformer design, were selected as the national model worker. They are outstanding representatives of the working class and the broad masses of the working people in our city, and they are the most beautiful fighters in the new era. Facing the honor, the model workers confidently expressed that they will take the honor as a new starting point, and take Xi Jinping's new socialist thought with China's characteristics as the guideline, while continuing to do their job well, play a good example in the leading role, and keep on the spirit of labor and labor to the whole society. More workers will contribute to the high-quality economic development of Jiangmen.

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