Received loan discount subsidy of more than 3.8 million yuan

The second batch of loan discount projects of enterprises supporting the emergency protection of epidemic prevention and emergency support materials in our city have been implemented, and the loan subsidy of RMB 3.1398 million has been issued to 11 enterprises. Up to now, our city has issued loan discount subsidy of more than 3.8 million yuan to 20 enterprises of epidemic prevention materials in two batches.

After the outbreak of new crown pneumonia this year, our city has increased policy support, formulated and issued policies and measures for resumption of work and economic development in a timely manner, and has accumulated RMB 313million in supporting funds for epidemic prevention and technical reform, and 1525 enterprises have been supported. In order to alleviate the problem of enterprise financing during the epidemic, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology actively implemented the policies of the central, provincial and municipal governments, and sought nearly 7 billion yuan of loan funds to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city. In addition, 47 local enterprises are recommended to apply for the list of key guarantee enterprises in central, provincial and municipal levels in 6 batches, so that the enterprises can obtain 1.5 billion yuan of central refinancing funds. Meanwhile, we will vigorously promote the expansion and strengthening of the municipal "political bank insurance" project. By the end of October, 4479 loans were issued, and 5.101 billion yuan were granted to small and medium-sized and micro enterprises.

Xinhui Jiangyu Information Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise to obtain the second batch of loan discount subsidy. Reporters learned that since the outbreak of the outbreak, Jiangyu company, which mainly produces multi-purpose printers, uses dust-free workshop for electronic products, and then transforms it into sterile workshop and then "cross-border" to produce masks.

In an interview, liangqijiang, deputy general manager of Jiangyu company, said that all departments at all levels are very concerned and supportive of the development of enterprises, especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, with the formulation and implementation of various supporting policies, they have injected impetus and confidence into the development of enterprises. In the future, the company will build a series of medical devices products and promote the development of products in the field of big health.

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