The Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese held the fifth session of the seventh Committee

In November 19th, the Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese held the five plenary session of the seven session to convey the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee spirit of the party and general secretary Xi Jinping to attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Shenzhen special economic zone and to inspect Guangdong's important speech and important directive spirit, and deploy the next stage of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Li Weimin, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the United Front Work Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 210 members, including members from Hong Kong, Macao, overseas, directly under the municipal government and various cities (districts), honorary chairman, consultant and overseas members attended the meeting. The meeting was broadcast live for overseas Chinese in the form of "cloud".

Li Weimin pointed out that since the Fourth Plenary Session of the 7th Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese has united and led the overseas Chinese associations at all levels in the city to serve the overall situation and overseas Chinese, solidly do a good job in the "six stability" work, and comprehensively implement the "six guarantees" task, and has made new achievements in various work. He said that next, the Federation of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen should improve its political position, highlight the focus of its work, focus on docking the construction of "two districts" and "two cities" linkage, focus on innovation driven development strategy, focus on liaison and friendship and the work of new overseas Chinese students, so as to serve the overall development of the whole city. At the same time, it should further polish the brand of overseas Chinese Affairs in Jiangmen, and build the headquarters of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen, the "overseas Chinese Dream Garden" in Jiangmen The overseas Chinese Affairs brands such as "overseas Chinese love project"  have agglomerated the hearts of overseas Chinese, gathered overseas Chinese strength, and exerted overseas Chinese intelligence, thus contributing to the high-quality economic and social development of our city.

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