Feel the charming scenery of high-speed rail line

"Finding the most beautiful railway · walking along the Guangdong sea corridor" network publicity activities into our city. Nearly 60 people from the central and local cyber information office, people's daily, Xinhuanet, sina.com, tencent.com and railway photographers formed the discovery group. Taking our city as the "starting station", along the jiangzhan railway and Hainan Island high-speed railway, we can feel the charming scenery of the high-speed railway lines.

The discovery group first came to the world's first arched fully enclosed "Bird Paradise" sound barrier project to understand its construction process and intention. The project, which costs 187 million yuan, allows high-speed trains to pass in "silent mode" and plays a protective role in the habitat and breeding of more than 30000 birds around.

Then, the discovery group came to the bird paradise scenic spot only a few hundred meters away to inspect the ecological environment protection effect of jiangmen-zhanjiang Railway on bird habitat and breeding site. Finally, the discovery group came to Jiangmen station, a comprehensive transportation hub in Zhuxi, to learn about the ecological architectural features, hardware facilities, software services and cultural connotation based on the design prototype of "tree of life, bird paradise".

"What amazes me most is that on one side is the high-speed rail passing by quickly, and on the other side is the bird paradise with pleasant scenery. The seamless combination of short distance, fast and slow, well reflects the harmonious relationship between man and nature. At the same time, Jiangmen station, which will soon be put into operation, will also implement this green ecological concept, and inject a lot of Jiangmen local cultural elements, which is not only unique, but also makes people physically and mentally comfortable. " Gaoya who is the reporter from CCTV China Communications radio said.

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