Feel the charm of overseas Chinese culture

Recently, the activity of "loving China and understanding Jiangmen together" jointly organized by the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese and the Municipal Education Bureau was held. 50 students from Hong Kong and Macao students, overseas Chinese students and foreign students from our city took part in three activities, namely, the open class of discovering Jiangmen, visiting the Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum, and the theme speech contest of "my anti- epidemic hero", to feel the unique charm of overseas Chinese culture.

In the morning of the same day, 50 students listened to the open class of discovering Jiangmen trip by Liu Jin, an expert in Jiangmen overseas Chinese history and professor of Wuyi University, in the activity room of overseas Chinese home in Pengjiang district. They benefited a lot. We also come to Wuyi overseas Chinese museum to learn about the origin and context of overseas Chinese culture step by step. In the afternoon, all the students came to the studio on the first floor of Jiangmen radio and television station to participate in the theme speech contest of "my anti- epidemic hero". Among them, 15 students were contestants. Zhong Nanshan, Li Lanjuan, local anti epidemic hero Zhong Jingliang During the competition, 15 students told touching stories of fighting the epidemic, based on the real heroic stories during the epidemic.

"I have lived in Jiangmen for 10 years, which is equivalent to my second hometown. Thanks to this activity, I have the opportunity to deeply understand the place where I live. Now I finally understand what cultural confidence is." Korean student Zheng shoubin said.

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