International cultural exchange base for overseas Chinese

On October 27, the unveiling ceremony of the international cultural exchange base of overseas Chinese in China and the opening ceremony of the exhibition hall for overseas Chinese in Enping were held in Changmei village, Niujiang Town, Enping. Liu Qi, director of the Cultural Exchange Department of the Federation of overseas Chinese of China, Cao canhong, the second level inspector of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese, and Lin Chunhui, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese and chairman of the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese, attended the ceremony.

It is understood that the event aims to fully demonstrate the charm of the hometown of overseas Chinese, Shiyi Jiangmen, the "capital of overseas Chinese", gather the feelings of Wuyi, and actively promote the construction of an important platform for cultural exchange and cooperation among overseas Chinese. One belt, one road to China, will be Enping. With the opportunity of the opening ceremony, we will tap the resources of overseas Chinese villages and dig out the culture of overseas Chinese. We should play an active role in supporting the motherland's development, inheriting Chinese culture and helping foreign contacts. We will take an active part in the construction of the "belt and road initiative", the construction of the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Bay area and the construction of the first pilot zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In his speech, Liu Qi pointed out that Enping should further inherit and carry forward the spirit of Feng Ru and the spirit of overseas Chinese, actively spread excellent Chinese culture, tell good stories about China and overseas Chinese, promote cultural exchanges at home and abroad, and cultivate a young generation with motherland, hometown and dream in mind.

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