Martial arts experts performance in hometown of overseas Chinese

On the evening of October 24, the 2020 Jiangmen traditional martial arts exhibition was held in Donghu square. A total of 200 people from 12 Wushu sects including Cai lifoquan and Yongchun Quan were organized to participate in the event, attracting a large number of citizens to watch.

This activity has carefully planned and arranged 12 Wushu performance programs. At the activity site, accompanied by gongs and drums, the program Xiang Shi Xian Rui was staged. The wonderful lion dance performance won cheers and applause from the audience, which opened the exhibition prelude. The show was rich and colorful, with boxing, fans, diabolo and other traditional martial arts in the hometown of overseas Chinese, such as national intangible cultural heritage Cai lifoquan and provincial intangible cultural heritage Taixu Quan, Yongchun boxing, etc., which made the people at the scene have a good time.

"This kind of performance is very interesting. Seeing so many kinds of martial arts performances at one time also deepens people's understanding of Jiangmen Wushu culture." Zhang Jinlan, a citizen, said.

"Through the performance, we will promote and spread Chinese martial arts and overseas Chinese culture to the general public, and better promote the inheritance of traditional Wushu culture." The person in charge of the education, science, health and Sports Committee of the CPPCC municipal committee said that the next step is to continue to carry forward the traditional martial arts culture as the focus of duty, and actively promote the development of overseas Chinese culture. "Jiangmen's traditional Wushu has a profound foundation. Next, we will actively promote the exchanges and cooperation among various Wushu schools, and further promote the integration and development of Wushu Culture in overseas Chinese hometown." City Traditional Martial Arts Association President Zeng songqiu said.

The person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting, tourism and sports said that in the next step, the city will continue to promote the traditional martial arts into campus activities, better promote the inheritance of traditional Wushu Culture in youth groups, and increase the publicity of traditional Wushu culture, further promote the Excellent Wushu Culture into the public vision, and promote the development of national fitness.

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