The publicity group carried out the popularization of civil law

In order to fully understand the great significance of promulgating and implementing the civil code and promote the implementation of the civil code, the municipal Law Association set up a publicity group for the civil code of the lawyer industry in Jiangmen City, and each city and district has also set up a sub group. A few days ago, lawyers from various publicity  groups went to Party and government organs, people's organizations and other units in the city to carry out civil code publicize activities.

The lawyers explained the great significance of the promulgation and implementation of the civil code, the basic overview, the basic content, the 94 key points of substantive revision, and the interpretation of highlights, etc.

According to statistics, in the past month, the lawyers' Publicity Group has held 121 lectures on Legal Popularization of civil code for party and government organs, people's organizations and other units, and provided 37 legal opinions.

"Taking the people as the foundation, governing by law, leading by Party building, government under the rule of law and fair justice are the important guarantee and yardstick for the implementation of civil code. Lawyers in our city will bravely be pioneers, give full play to their professional values, help better promote the comprehensive rule of law in the city, build a government and society ruled by law, and better protect the rights and interests of the people. " City Law Association President Li Jingran said.

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