"Cloud World Youth Association" opens tomorrow

At 9:30 on October 15, Beijing time, 2020 Jiangmen "cloud on the World Youth Association" will officially open in the form of global network live broadcast. This is the first time that our city has carried out the World Youth Association in the form of network live broadcast in order to strengthen communication with overseas youth and promote economic and trade exchanges at home and abroad. At present, it has attracted more than 8000 overseas Chinese from 65 countries and regions.

For the first time, the cloud World Youth Association adopts the combination of online and offline interaction, on-the-spot interview and connection with overseas branch venues. The main venue is located in Jiangmen, and seven overseas (Overseas) sub venues are set up in the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Australia, Malaysia and Macao, and four domestic sub venues are set up in Taishan, Kaiping, Heshan and Enping.

On the morning of October 13, the relevant departments of our city held a joint meeting of "Cloud World Youth Association" to further improve the preparatory work. The reporter learned from the Municipal Overseas Chinese affairs department that at present, the on-site guests of the main venue and domestic sub venue are ready. 20 overseas guests invited to the main venue have also come to Jiangmen, and a total of 95 guests will participate offline. At present, the background cloth of overseas (Overseas) branch venues has been uniformly produced and sent to 7 branch venues by express delivery.

In addition, during the event, there will be a video of young people from all over the world meeting "yunshiqing", the world's youth recitation of "youth in China", and the video of Hong Kong Literary and art representatives cheering for overseas Chinese. The reporter learned that at present, our city has collected 16 Overseas Youth Association congratulatory videos, 25 overseas teenagers reciting "Youth China" video, and Hong Kong famous artists' congratulatory video, including 11 people, including Tan Yonglin, Huang Baiming, Tang Jili, Chen Baixiang and Chen Qitai.

As the event is broadcast globally through the Internet, overseas Chinese from 65 countries and regions will watch the event online. In order to strengthen the interaction between the main venue and the sub venues and overseas Chinese, show the overseas Chinese watching the live broadcast and their blessing to the motherland and hometown, improve the participation of the online audience and enhance the activity of the activity, the online review area, branch audience and the sea will be opened during the live broadcast Overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese can post comments and share pictures at the same time.

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