Jointly create a new pattern of development

On October 15, 2020 Jiangmen "Cloud World Youth Association" will be officially held. For the first time, it will meet with the world's Jiangmen youth in the "cloud" by means of online and offline interaction, on-the-spot interviews and connection with overseas sub venues, so as to create a "never ending World Youth Association". "Youth from all over the world can capture business opportunities through the activities of the World Youth Association, so as to obtain broad space for cooperation. In the process of world economic transformation, the World Youth Association will become an important platform for global youth entrepreneurship. " Speaking of the upcoming "Cloud World Youth Association", Liang Lixi, vice president of the Wuyi Youth Federation in Jiangmen, Chile, is full of expectations.

"Due to the global epidemic situation, this year, for the first time, the" Cloud World Youth Association "was held, which benefited from the development of the Internet. Due to the fact that the venue is not limited, people from Wuyi can get to know their hometown Jiangmen more by watching the "Cloud World Youth Association" in real time Liang Lixi told reporters that in the past, there were restrictions on the number of participants in each session of the World Youth Association, but with the help of the Internet platform, the "World Youth Association on cloud" can break through the number limit, and its activity will be higher and present a new scene. "For example, the number of participants in each session of the Wuyi Youth Federation in Jiangmen, Chile, is about 30, but this year's" Cloud World Youth Association "has registered more than 200 people."

Facing the impact of this year's global epidemic, Liang Lixi also said that he hoped that through the "Cloud World Youth Association", the new generation of overseas young people would strengthen the contact with the motherland, shorten the distance and deepen the understanding, so as to make important contributions to the development of youth themselves and the promotion of business friendly exchanges between China and other countries in the world.

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