Nearly 70 cultural and sports activities

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting, tourism and sports that in order to meet the people's spiritual and cultural and tourism consumption needs and enrich the cultural life of festivals, nearly 70 recreational and sports activities with various forms and local cultural characteristics will be launched in the eight day holiday, creating a strong festive atmosphere.

It is understood that there are activities specially held to celebrate the National Day Mid Autumn Festival, including the large variety show "full moon Mid Autumn Festival · dream of China" in Pengjiang district, national day and Mid Autumn Festival Gala in Xinhui District, our festival series activities of mid autumn National Day in Kaiping City, and our Festival reunion Mid Autumn Festival and lantern appreciation in Heshan City. There are tailor-made activities for young people, such as the 10th Jiangmen Animation Festival, Ren Rongrong children's Book Festival, "telling stories together" sharing meeting, "happy childhood" children's art works exhibition, etc. There are tourism festival activities suitable for a family to travel together, such as Pengjiang Yuanshan Lake Culture and Art Festival, Taishan Chuanshan Islands Tourist Resort national day and Mid Autumn Festival Beach Music Festival, and "China sports lottery Cup" Guangzhu Zhongjiang street dance show, covering the whole October. Jiangmen fair day, with the theme of "memory of overseas Chinese capital", is composed of five parts, namely, "competition", "purchase", "exhibition", "performance" and "travel". It shows the traditional cultural elements of the period of the Republic of China, and enjoys happiness with the people and benefits the public. The first phase of the first phase of the large-scale cultural and ecological tourism resort in gulaoshui township of OCT will open on October 1. The 2020 Gujing town rural cultural tourism festival and Gujing roast goose food festival includes more than 10 sub activities, and each activity lasts until the end of October, allowing tourists to experience rich rural customs and taste roast goose food.

In addition, there are also rich sports activities, such as the 13th Shuttlecock Championship of Guangdong Province, the selection of the 16th Guangdong Provincial Games in 2021 and the 2020 Jiangmen Sports Dance Championship.

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