Sympathy for moral models and good people around us

On the occasion of the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival, the municipal civilization office took the lead in the three districts and four cities civilization offices at all levels to carry out activities of condolence to Jiangmen City level and above moral models and good people around them to send them festival greetings.

On September 27, the consolation group of the municipal civilization office came to the home of Dong shumeng, a good Chinese man. After graduation, Dong shumeng and his wife Xu Na came to Kaiping Linglong hospital and insisted on taking care of leprosy patients for 16 years. Last year, Dong shumeng became ill from overwork, which aroused great concern from all walks of life. Dong shumeng said that after expert consultation, a treatment plan has been formulated and continuous medical treatment has been carried out. Thanks to the care and help of governments at all levels and people from all walks of life, he will actively accept treatment, strive to return to work as soon as possible and repay the support of all parties.

In Heshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the consolation group of municipal Civilization Office expressed sympathy to Ou Xiangyi, deputy director of Nursing Department of the hospital. At the beginning of this year, after the clarion call of supporting Hubei Province was sounded, Ou Xiangyi took the initiative to go out for the battle. After completing the nucleic acid detection, sampling, training and guidance of the first fever patient in the hospital, she went to Wuhan to carry out the anti epidemic work. She was the leader of the nursing team of the first batch of Hubei Medical Team in Jiangmen City, and the team leader accomplished all the work excellently. Ou Xiangyi expressed gratitude for the concern of the organization and said that she would continue to do her job well and carry forward the spirit of good people with her own actions.

At the same time, the municipal Civilization Office also visited Liang Yuqin, Fan guichong, He Zuoxing, he Yuheng, Huang Jinshang, Gao maonu, Li Xueyun, Zhen Xinxian, Wu Xiaying, Xie Meigui, Wu Fenglan and other moral models and good people around them.

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