"Cloud World Youth Association" will be held on October 15

On October 15 this year, 2020 Jiangmen "cloud on the World Youth Association" will be officially held. For the first time, it will meet with the world's Jiangmen youth in the "cloud" by means of online and offline interaction, on-the-spot interviews and connection with overseas sub venues, so as to create a "never ending World Youth Association". The reporter learned from the press conference on September 22 that the preparatory work for various activities is being carried out in an orderly manner, and it is expected to attract more than 8000 people from more than 70 countries and regions to watch the live broadcast.

The world Jiangmen Youth Conference (hereinafter referred to as "the World Youth Association") is an important platform with the world's Jiangmen overseas Chinese youth elites as the main body, aiming to unite overseas Chinese and Chinese youth from all over the world, promote mutual communication and win-win cooperation, and promote the great alliance, communication and development of youth. It is held every two years and is organized by Jiangmen nationality associations or liaison branches of various countries (regions) Since 2008, it has held six sessions in Jiangmen, Macao, Sabah, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia and Los Angeles.

This year, novel coronavirus pneumonia is affecting the world's Seventh World Youth Congress, scheduled to be held in Panama in March. It is understood that in order to overcome the impact of the global spread of the epidemic on overseas Chinese Affairs, strengthen communication between the city and overseas youth, and promote economic and trade exchanges between overseas Chinese businessmen, the main venue of the "Cloud World Youth Association" is located in Jiangmen, and seven overseas (Overseas) sub venues have been set up in the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Australia, Malaysia, Macao, etc The city, Kaiping City, Heshan City and Enping City have set up four domestic sub venues, which are carried out in the form of "cloud" for the first time, breaking the barriers of region and epidemic situation, meeting with the world's Jiangmen youth on the "cloud" to discuss cooperative development, build a cooperation platform, and share cooperation achievements.

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