34 works won awards

Recently, the 10th "provincial governor Cup" industrial design competition (Jiangmen competition area) and 2020 "Mayor Cup" industrial design competition space, furniture, cultural and creative special competition was carried out. A total of 753 entries were received in this special competition. After repeated research and multiple rounds of voting, 34 works were finally awarded gold, silver and bronze awards.

Li Tianyou, member of the jury and design director of Guangdong Tianyou Design Co., Ltd., said: "in the past three years, the quality and quantity of the entries have gradually improved, and some of the works have learned from traditional elements, which is impressive. This shows that the competition has been held for many years, and its driving role has become increasingly apparent, and Jiangmen has become a hot spot for innovative design. "

The responsible person of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, the organizer of the competition, said: "after three years of precipitation, the influence of the special event is not limited to Jiangmen, but also radiated to the areas outside the province. It is worth mentioning that the combination of our cultural innovation and Jiangmen elements this year not only requires grounding, but also pays more attention to the realization ability. This is also our original intention to attract more excellent designers from all over the country to participate in it, ignite the atmosphere of innovative design, and emerge more excellent works, so as to provide new ideas for some characteristic industries and even industries in Jiangmen, promote their transformation and upgrading, and ultimately feedback the social and economic development. "

After full discussion of the experts, it was determined that there were 2 gold awards, 3 silver awards and 3 bronze awards in the cultural and creative special competition, 2 gold awards, 4 silver awards and 8 bronze awards in the furniture competition, 2 gold awards, 4 silver awards and 6 bronze awards in the space competition. The specific winners will be released in the near future on the WeChat official account of mayor design award.

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