Teachers' Day Gala

On the occasion of the 36th teacher's day, on September 8, sponsored by the Municipal Education Leading Group Office and the Municipal Education Bureau, and organized by the Municipal Education Promotion Association, "special love for special you" was held in Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center, and awarded honorary certificates to outstanding teachers and 30-year-old teachers. Municipal leaders Li Weimin, Guo Jianhong, Wang Changqing, Hu nianfang, and President Zhang Yunhua of Wuyi University attended the party.

The evening party was splendid, including the sitcom "let's go home", the musical "Hello teacher", the song and dance "sunshine boy", the music dance poetry and painting "our world, our love", and the brass ensemble "I only care about you" The performance forms are rich, and the prologue shows the spirit of teachers and students in response to the "suspension of classes without suspension" in combination with this year's epidemic situation. The participants are teachers and students from kindergartens to colleges and universities in our city. With full enthusiasm, they expressed the aspiration of all teachers for their dedication to education and their gratitude for teachers' kindness. The light of teachers' morality was shining on the scene.

The highlight of the party is to award honorary certificates to 12 outstanding teachers and representatives of teachers with 30 years of teaching experience. Mao Yongxiu, a representative of excellent teachers and a Chinese teacher of Jiangmen No.1 middle school, expresses his feelings with eight words: "gratitude, pride, shame and excitement." the journey of teaching is the sea of stars. I will look forward to the bright moon and take the excellent traditional culture as the oar to ferry a batch of overseas Chinese students to the other side of the ideal. " Mao Yongxiu said.

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