Two teachers awarded "most beautiful teachers" in Guangdong

In 2020, Guangdong's "most beautiful teacher" selection results were released, and two teachers in our city were ranked among them. The reporter learned from the Municipal Education Bureau on September 10 that there are 50 teachers in Guangdong Province who have been rewarded as "the most beautiful teachers" in Guangdong Province. The two teachers selected in our city are Chen Xiaohong of Tangxia middle school and Li Honghong of Jiangmen education No.1 kindergarten.

It is learned that novel coronavirus pneumonia is a strong spirit of devotion to work and dedication, especially in the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, and the spirit of a well off society. This is a further step to strengthen the building of teachers' ethics. The provincial civilization office and the Provincial Education Department organized the search for the most beautiful teachers in Guangdong.

Chen Xiaohong is the director of the office of Tangxia middle school in Jiangmen City. In the past 15 years of teaching, Chen Xiaohong has successively won the honorary titles of "the most beautiful teacher" in Jiangmen City and the advanced individual in the graduation class of ordinary high school in Jiangmen City. During the epidemic period, he bravely shouldered the heavy burden and was ahead. On the basis of ensuring the steady progress of epidemic prevention and control, he firmly grasped the online education and teaching work, and explained the mission and responsibility of a key teacher of Party members in an extraordinary period with practical actions.

Li Honghong is the first kindergarten teacher in Jiangmen City. She is enthusiastic about public service and has volunteered for more than 500 hours. During the epidemic, Li Honghong actively engaged in community and kindergarten anti epidemic work. At the same time, he is keen to help the staff to familiarize themselves with various software systems, explore new models of online teaching and research, and organize and plan "healthy home" home education guidance activities.

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