Talent service work can be handled through wechat

"Finger tip" and "zero running"! Recently, in order to further improve the talent service work, facilitate the application of subsidies for talents, and promote the implementation of talent incentive policy, the municipal human resources and social security department has added nine "finger tip" services such as living subsidies for senior technicians, living subsidies for on-site postdoctoral students and government subsidies for chief technicians in the "Wuyi people's society" wechat small program talent service area You can enjoy the subsidy by moving your finger.

"The launch of this service will provide more convenient services for the city to apply for talents and enjoy relevant talent policies." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security said.

Up to now, 36 talents related subsidies in our city can be applied for online, which is very convenient. However, the nine talent subsidy policies implemented by the fingertips all realized the whole process of "application, approval and distribution" online. According to reports, the background system can further strengthen data sharing among departments by docking with systems such as electronic license and electronic seal, so as to realize the "two automatics", that is, automatic judgment of subsidy application conditions and automatic calculation of subsidy amount, and the average business processing time can be reduced by more than 60%.

The specific ways to handle the mobile phone talent subsidy are as follows: 1. Wechat search to enter the "Wuyi people's society" applet and click to enter the "talent service" zone; 2. Click the finger tip service advertisement bar in the middle of the small program to list all the subsidies that can be handled by mobile phone, and click the "apply for" button.

"Next, the city will further deepen the effectiveness of the" smart people's society "and gradually explore more online talents to subsidize the" online office, fingertip office "service, so that talents can enjoy the policy more conveniently." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security said.

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