Bring hope to patients in trouble

On the evening of August 29, a wonderful charity concert is being held in Jiangmen workers' Cultural Palace. Yukrili, flute and other instruments play a beautiful music, a graceful dance in turn; wonderful programs let people forget to leave. It turns out that this is a charity concert of love and hope · dawn night organized by the union committee of rehabilitation hospital of Jiangmen disabled persons' Federation and Jiangmen comprehensive service center of social work for the benefit of the people. It is understood that all the money from the concert will be donated to the "home of hope" relief project for patients in distress, which will bring help to the needy patients in the Central Hospital, Wuyi Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and the rehabilitation hospital of the disabled people's Federation. The activity was strongly supported by Jianwei home furnishing, Guangxin glasses and other caring enterprises.

At the activity site, the rehabilitation patients who had been helped by the project shared their experiences. "At that time, I even lost the hope of surviving. It was the social workers who helped me regain the hope of survival. Thank them, thank you for the "home of hope" relief project for patients in distress. It is they who have solved my urgent need. " Kangcheng, a convalescent patient, said with emotion. It is understood that the "home of hope" relief project for patients in distress was founded in 2017 by Jiangmen Limin social work comprehensive service center. At present, it has funded more than 100 patients and families in distress, providing them with short-term accommodation assistance, nutritional care support, basic living supplies subsidy and other assistance, so as to jointly establish a "home of hope" for patients and their families.

It is understood that the charity concert tickets are 100 yuan and 50 yuan. In addition, there are also two-dimensional codes for donation. According to preliminary statistics, a total of 25816.6 yuan was raised for the charity party on that day, which will bring hope to more patients in distress.

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