Jiangmen technical college gets good achievements

Recently, the "first Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition for Chinese chefs" sponsored by the Department of human resources and social security of Guangdong Province came to a successful conclusion. The modern service department of Jiangmen Technical College selected three young teachers to participate in the competition. After fierce competition, they won the group silver medal. Xian duzhang, Luo Jingfa and Feng Xiaogang won individual silver medals.

The competition is sponsored by the Department of human resources and social security of Guangdong Province, undertaken by Guangdong Cuisine Association and co organized by Guangzhou tourism business vocational school. The contestants come from technical colleges, vocational colleges and White Swan Hotel in the province. There are 25 teams and 100 contestants compete for individual and team competitions. The competition content requires the players to pass the competition of theoretical examination, defense and practical skills within the specified time, and assess the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and comprehensive professional quality of the players.

It is understood that since the implementation of the "Guangdong cuisine master" project, the college has promoted the culinary exchange and post training of the culinary professional teachers team with the carrier of Guangdong cuisine master training base and Master Studio of Guangdong cuisine, so as to achieve the goal of "promoting teaching by competition, learning by competition, promoting reform by competition, and promoting construction by competition", so as to promote the steady improvement of students' skill level and cultural theory, and lead the professional construction Design and curriculum reform, comprehensively improve the comprehensive professional quality, professional skills and innovation ability of teachers and students.

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