Central hospital volunteer service team on the list

A few days ago, the national video and telephone conference on promoting volunteer service of learning from Lei Feng was held in Guangdong Province. The volunteer service team of central hospital was awarded the honorary title of "four 100" advanced typical best volunteer service organization of national volunteer service of learning from Lei Feng in 2019, and it is also the only municipal hospital volunteer service team to receive this honor in China.

The reporter learned that as early as 1997, the central hospital began to add "good medicine" - volunteer service to the prescriptions of patients. Over the years, the service team has always been based on the health industry, focusing on medical and health services, organized hospital volunteers to carry out various volunteer service activities, successively created a series of voluntary service project brands, such as health pioneer into the community, baby friendly workshop, sugar mother clinic, pink fellow passers-by and "heart to heart" technical assistance, striving to build and create a distinctive "medical staff + heart" The "Jiangmen warmhearted medical" mode of "volunteers + medical social workers". Since the establishment of "Jiangxin medical" mode, in recent years, nearly 4400 people participated in volunteer service, with nearly 19000 service hours, and 24 volunteer training and League building activities were carried out.

It is understood that the "four 100" advanced models include 100 most beautiful volunteers, 100 best volunteer service organizations, 100 best volunteer service projects and 100 most beautiful volunteer service communities.

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