Jiangmen planned to add 33 standardized kindergartens

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Education Bureau that the municipal government education supervision office recently organized experts to carry out special supervision and evaluation on the 43 kindergartens declared by the whole city. After the evaluation and acceptance of the expert group, 33 kindergartens, including Jiangmen Qijian kindergarten, Pengjiang Baojun kindergarten and Pengjiang Tangxia HemeiYujing kindergarten, are the Sixth Batch of Jiangmen standardized kindergartens.

Among the 33 kindergartens, there are 1 directly under the municipal government, 10 in Pengjiang district, 4 in Jianghai District, 5 in Xinhui District, 5 in Taishan City, 2 in Heshan City, 2 in Kaiping City and 4 in Enping City. According to the standard of standardized urban kindergartens in Guangdong Province, the standardized kindergartens have clear regulations and requirements on the scale, building of kindergartens, facilities and equipment, staffing, kindergarten management, team building, health care, education and teaching. If the scale of the park is required to be 6-12 classes, generally no less than 6 classes and no more than 15 classes. The construction of garden house requires relatively independent garden house, site, independent entrance and exit, fence, gate and communication (guard) room, etc.

In addition, the municipal government supervision office also dispatched working groups to conduct supervision and acceptance of four schools in our city, namely, Jiangmen Xinhui East District School, Jiangmen Xinhui Wenhua primary school, Jiangmen Xinhui Guangya School, and Kaiping cuishanhu experimental school. According to the "Guangdong compulsory education standardized school supervision and evaluation standard evaluation rules", after the municipal review and confirmation of the supervision working group evaluation, the above schools 28 secondary indicators have reached the standard, and passed the acceptance. It is proposed to be approved as Jiangmen standardized school.

At present, 33 standardized kindergartens and 4 schools to be identified are in the public notice, and the publicity period is up to August 27.

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