83 enterprises will compete

The 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Jiangmen District, Guangdong) and the second round of 2020 Jiangmen "Science and Technology Cup" innovation and entrepreneurship competition will open on August 25. Recently, the Organizing Committee of the competition invited relevant experts to hold a special training meeting. Representatives of 83 enterprises and relevant financial institutions participated in the training meeting.

The training meeting introduced the re- competition arrangement, rules and other related matters, and invited Long Qiwen, the judge of Guangdong innovation and entrepreneurship team support fund, founder and chairman of starting point International Innovation workshop, to train the participating enterprises in terms of competition objectives, business plan, roadshow and defense. All participating enterprises draw lots to decide the order of competition, and conduct on-site consultation and interactive docking.

A few days ago, the 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Jiangmen competition area, Guangdong) and the preliminary competition of 2020 Jiangmen "science and Technology Cup" innovation and entrepreneurship competition have been uniformly organized by the provincial competition committee. 83 enterprises in our city have been shortlisted, including 69 in the growth group and 14 in the start-up group. The second round of the municipal competition will be tied up with the provincial one and will be held in Jiangmen together.

The shortlisted enterprises are divided into five industries, including high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials and biology. The provincial and municipal second round contests take the form of on-the-spot defense, with 25 well-known experts in science and technology and venture capital as the judges to score the technology and products, business model and implementation scheme, industry and market, team and financial analysis of the projects of the participating enterprises. According to the evaluation results of each sub competition area, the list of promotion to the next round of provincial and municipal competitions is determined. About 50% of the total number of participants from the growth group and the start-up group were promoted in the municipal competition, and about 41 teams were promoted, including 34 in the growth group and 7 in the start-up group.

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