1283 students are enrolled in Wuyi University

The reporter learned from Wuyi University on August 20 that the enrollment and admission work of Wuyi University in 2020 is being carried out in an orderly manner.

This year, Wuyi University plans to enroll 3973 students in general high school, 3584 students in Guangdong Province, including 760 liberal arts students, 2618 science students and 206 art students. Jiangmen City plans to enroll 1283 students, including 325 liberal arts students, 875 science students and 83 art students.

This year, there are more than 214 excellent candidates in the province. Among them, the highest score of science is 560 points, 36 points higher than that of high score line; the highest score of liberal arts is 550 points, which is 14 points higher than that of high score line, and the average score of some science majors is even higher than that of high score line. Wuyi University in Guangdong Arts and science undergraduate batch online file one-time full file. The grade of Science in the city is 493 points, which is 83 points higher than the minimum score line of undergraduate admission; the score of 515 for liberal arts is 85 points higher than the minimum score of undergraduate admission. In the city, 480 points for science, 70 points for liberal arts, and 71 points for liberal arts.

According to the head of Wuyi University's admissions office, candidates' recognition of Wuyi University's majors is increasing. The newly established major of pharmaceutical engineering, data science and big data technology has been recognized by the candidates rapidly. The popularity of traditional famous brand specialty continues to rise. The enrollment plan of computer science and technology and software engineering specialty outside the city is planned to fill the high score priority online for two consecutive years. In addition, the quality of students majoring in electronic information engineering and communication engineering, which are trained by professional modules, has also steadily improved, and the number of volunteers has increased significantly.

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